Friday, September 23, 2005

More Nonsense from Giles Fraser

Giles Fraser is the vicar of Putney and a lecturer in philosophy at Wadham College, Oxford. He has attacked Humanism in the past and this latest article in The Guardian about the novel is just a veiled attack on Salman Rushdie. It is typical of work by an Anglican wishing to brow-beat lesser mortals into accepting him as a superior.

He pretends to know what a novel is, but without having won any prizes for such work, as far as I know.

He does not define a novel in the same way as my dictionary. By implication he rubbishes all the great novels written by his fellow Christians, but I doubt that was his intention.

I wrote a comment about another Guardian article he wrote in 2002. He is given a regular god slot in that paper. He hasn't learned since then.

We must not let such people get away with their nonsense unopposed.


At 11:47 AM, Blogger Andy said...

Fraser opens with a quote:

'"In lending himself to the role of public figure, the novelist endangers his work; it risks being considered a mere appendage to his actions, to his declarations, to his statements of a position." So argued the Czech novelist Milan Kundera, picking up the Jerusalem Prize for Literature in 1985. It's a piece of advice that another great novelist, Salman Rushdie, ought to ponder when he shifts into the writing voice of the columnist.'

How many novelists, I wonder (and the more literary-minded among you will no doubt come up with some) have also had a known political view, becaue they're public figures of one sort or another for reasons other than novel writing. Have we enjoyed their stories any the less?

(I didn't know you couldn't use blockquote in these comments. It's just given me a ticking off.)


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