Thursday, September 22, 2005

Homophobia in Eastern Europe.

Alright, I own up - this is a plug.

GALHA Public Meeting-Friday 7th October 7.30. Conway Hall Library.

Bill Schiller, co-founder of the International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network, will be talking about gay rights in Eastern Europe based on his vast experience of being involved in gay rights campaign in the area. This meeting is part of the opening day of the Moonbow LGBT Cultural Festival in Exile for Belarus.

Ian Stewart, the Secretary General of ILGCN explaining the rationale for the festival stated "Homosexual citizens of Belarus dream of the day when they'll beable to host their own public celebrations of lesbian and gay culture without armed militia storming their meetings, participants from abroad being turned back at the border, and death threats to organisers".

Please support this event.


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