Monday, September 19, 2005

Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem

The Church of England released its summation of the issue of terrorism today. But four British Bishops - according to The Times - have decided to repent for the war on Iraq, ostensively because it will help protect the UK from further terror-attacks.

In the Guardian's report, they say that the Christians "have a vital role to play in combating the threat and promoting Christian principles in a world characterised by power and violence."

They may well think so. But what is more worrying to secularists is that they think they have authority to speak for the nation as if it were still 1096 CE.

Confirming that this might be the case, the BBC story has the Church suggesting that: "It might be possible for there to be a public which Christian leaders meet with religious leaders of other, mainly Muslim, traditions, on the basis of truth and reconciliation..."

It is already hugely problematic that the government confuses religious leaders with community leaders when it wants to talk to non-Christian faith groups. So when Bishops start making broad statements on behalf of the nation, Norman Geras asks on his blog just who do they think they represent?

Read 'Repenting bishops' here.

UPDATE: On behalf of "Muslims", Dr Qaradawi accepts the apology. So now it's "our" priests talking to "their" priests. Fine while they're talking peace and reconciliation, but gawd help us if the mood changes to war and recrimination!


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Roy Saich said...

You can't apologise on behalf of someone else without their authority.

The Bishops show the need for Humanists to declare our clear ethical values in the face of their unchallenged nonsense.

Roy Saich


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