Saturday, September 17, 2005

Guardian Face to Faith

The Guardian Face to Faith column written by Tim Radford on Saturday 17th September 2005 reported an Oxford conference on Einstein, God and Time. It posed the question "Can God know the future?".

Chris Isham, the director of the Blackett laboratory at Imperial College no less, but who can also be a church cantor, was amazed that, "anyone could ... purport to talk about God". He just sleeps through church business presumably.

Sir John Pulkinghorne went even better, and says he believes in a personal God, but "that even God doesn't know the future". How God can know what is best for Sir John if he doesn't know the future any more than Sir John himself, or you and I do? It makes his faith bunk. He still gets away with it of course!

And Universities like Oxford can claim to be short of cash but waste money on such conferences. Funny old world!


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