Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christian love

The Christian Institute are, it is well known, among those who don't want the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill to become law, because it will stop the buggers from hating each other. Readers might be interested in this, which comes in an email alert/bulletin that drops into one's email box from time to time. (I've often wondered how long it'll be before they catch me out.) Anyway, here it is, dated yesterday:

Our recent meetings on the Incitement to Religious Hatred proposals were extremely well attended. Some 2,400 Christians came along across the four venues in London, Cardiff, Gateshead and Liverpool.

A recording of the Liverpool meeting is now available on The Christian Institute website (

Listen to Daniel Scot and hear how he was caught under a 'religious vilification' law in Australia. Hear also from others, including legal expert Neil Addison, about the UK Government's plan for an Incitement to Religious Hatred offence.

In the coming weeks we will be putting more material on our website to help churches organise their own meetings on this topic.

Yours in Christ,

Colin Hart

I'd be interested to know whether anyone's bothered to listen.


UPDATE: Hardly an update as such, because this refers to something that happened in June this year, but one Andrew Copson has pointed out on the GALHA discussion list that the Christian Institute put out a statement then that said,

If an incitement to religious hatred law goes through, gay rights groups will say it should be a crime to criticise homosexuality. Government ministers are already sympathetic to the idea. Given the grip the gay rights agenda now has on the powers that be in the UK this would be even more serious than an incitement to religious hatred offence.

He helpfully puts the URL (, but note that it's a PDF and, if you're still on dialup, as I am, it will take a while to download. After giving us the URL, Andrew adds, 'If you can stomach it.' Quite!


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