Tuesday, September 27, 2005

BBC gives Christian Voice credibility

Crackpot Stephen Green of the loony 'Christian Voice' organisation has been invited to participate as a panelist on the BBC's Question Time. He is circulating the email below. Lesbian and Gay humanists in Brighton should follow his advice and apply to be on the programme. Obviously ignore the part about only forwarding it to "Christian friends".

This is important becase, as you can se by the bits I've emphasised, Christian Voice see this as a major opportunity and as a sign that they have credibility.

Christian Voice produce vicious antigay propaganda like this, support so-called "ex-gay" ministeries and have been accused of harassing and intimidating women visiting abortion clinics.

I have been invited to be a panellist on BBC's prestigious Question Time next Thursday 29th September 2005. It is a sign that we are now being taken
seriously by the establishment
, but I really feel the need of prayer!

This is a huge opportunity, and I do not want to let my Saviour down. I want to bring out the word of God, not just my opinions. (John 17:14-26) Please pray for me and if you live near Brighton, the venue for this particular show, why not consider applying to be part of the audience?

The programme is transmitted on BBC1 at 10.35 pm but pre-recorded at 8.30pm as live. David Dimbleby asks the questions (which the panel do not know in advance). The other panellists are: Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP, Simon Hughes MP and Janet Street-Porter. Questions could be about anything in the news next week.

To be in the audience, you have to be prepared to ask questions (they don't want passive folks) and you have to apply. Do that by going to www.bbc.co.uk/questiontime and then click on 'Join the audience.' You will find a form asking for your details and your political views. Answer honestly, and expect a telephone call from one of the researchers. They assure me that the programme is squeaky-clean and that they really want a balance. Particularly as I am on the panel, they will want some Christians. What more can I say, except please forward this email to Christian friends only, apply for the audience if you wish, and please pray!

It is OK, by the way, to pray when it is being transmitted. God is way ahead of you and knows your prayer and will answer it before you pray it. Is He not mighty? 1 Cor 16:9

Stephen Green, National Director, Christian Voice

There is a spoof website which is worth a giggle and which is about as much as their views and opinions deserve to be taken seriously by anyone. However, their potential to cause harm and destroy lives should not be underestimated.

The production company that handles Question Time is Mentorn Baraclough Carey. Their telephone number is 0207 258 6800 and the editor is Nick Sarney.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


shows the is rather more ugly side of CV though... I'm not even gay and I found it offensive!

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous marc said...

Should be a riot! I called Mentorn but since I can't get to Brighton (too far away to do in a day) I can't face the fcuking bigot which I regret. Had it been Peter Vardy... I'd have stowed away on a lorry to get there because he puts money where his bigotry is.

At 3:49 PM, Blogger Andy said...

I'm surprised they keep giving this nutter credence. Unless they're inviting him on as an Aunt Sally so the nation can watch him make an utter idiot of himself (well, continue to make an utter idiot of himself). I mean, there are people who are avoided by the media (in my experience of it, anyway, when I worked in it) because they are at the nuttier end, and they've tried to get interviews with people who can at least talk reasonably sensibly, even if what they talk about is pisspotical. Green can articulate, yes, but then he comes out with all the 'our Lord' and 'our saviour' business, which puts him way down the credibility scale of most people, I'd hazard. Well, may he gush forth and continue to look a twat. He may do a great service for freethinking and the gay cause.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Dave Rattigan said...

Cheers for this profile. I've blogged about it myself this morning.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Zefrog said...


A friend and myself have just put together this new blog which aims at listing links mentioning Chirstian Voice. It is of course still a work in progress. Please have a look at it.

Listening to the Voices

I hope you will find this helpful


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