Monday, December 19, 2005

Pope abolishes the Limbo

In an article for the New Statesman, Lindsay Hilsim reports that the Pope has abolished limbo. There is more information in The Times.

Describing those who indulge in the practice as “virtuous pagans” and “babes”, the Pope put the kibosh on the practice. The move will no doubt infuriate the many Caribbean practitioners of the dance.

In the staunchly Christian region, many will also be offended that the Pope believes that they only took up limbo because “they had not yet heard the word of Christ”.

A website which promotes the dance describes it as:

If the dancer is successful he must repeat this again and again with the bar being lowered another "Notch" each time. Each dancer does this until there is only one left standing who has not touched the bar, fallen down, laid on the floor or used his/her hands to keep balance. On-lookers as well as other dancers would clap and cheer (or egg on) and sing while the dancer trys to go under the stick. This dance was very popular at beach parties.

However, the Pope believes that those who indulge in the practice are half-way to hell.

Observers of the machinations of the Vatican are bewildered as to why the Pope has decided to abolish the Limbo – rather than focussing on more subversive dance crazes like the Charleston, or more recently, the Robot or the Macarena.


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