Sunday, December 11, 2005

Italian politician: “The Pope’s an imbecile”

An Italian politician, Monika Spring, of the Partito di ispirazione cristiana (PPD), (roughly translated as the “party of Christian inspiration”) has described the Pope as “an imbecile” – reports the Gay Italy website.

She also described the Catholic Church as “the greatest homosexual organization of the world”. She was also critical of his stance on contraception and blamed him for many AIDS-related deaths as a consequence of his church’s policy.

Her party however has distanced themselves from her remarks.

Recent estimates have put the number of gay priests at between a third and a half. Staggering.

We, of course, share her opinion of Ratzinger.

A very rough translation (it translates “spokesperson” as “megaphone”) from the original Italian can be had via Google’s language tools.


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actually is a Swiss politician


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