Monday, April 10, 2006

Learning Together, Not Growing Apart

The Government’s current Education and Inspections Bill will inevitably lead to a proliferation of ‘faith’ schools and city academies controlled by religious interest groups. Polls how from 64% to 96% of the UK is against this policy. Why then, do most MPs continue to ignore this issue? We need to convince them that opposition to the creeping gift of our education system to religious interests is genuinely and widely held in their constituencies.

The British Humanist Association has set up a special online service to allow supporters to email their MP directly with a standard letter on the Education Bill, sign an online petition against faith schools and religious academies, and vote in our online poll.

If you would prefer to send a more tailored message to your MP, or write to them by post, please do still take a look at our campaign site, but we have also provided some notes for letter writers.

Please take action today (emailing your MP from the BHA site only takes a minute), and forward this message to anyone else you think will be willing to join us in this campaign.


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