Saturday, September 03, 2005

Scottish Cardinal attacks gay adoption plans

A press release from the Scottish Catholic Media Office embargoed for the Sunday papers (but leaked to GALHA today) reveals that Cardinal Keith O'Brien will be making a “hard hitting” statement in tomorrow's Sunday Times questioning the Scottish Executive’s current adoption consultation and the proposal to allow unmarried and same-sex couples to adopt.

The press release says the Cardinal’s article will describe the move as “gravely immoral” and say:

"Scotland's adopted children must not become guinea pigs in some distorted social experiment aimed at redefining marriage, subverting the family and threatening the good of society. Denying them the benefits of a mother and a father in a committed marriage will cause great harm to a weak and vulnerable minority we should strive to protect."

These silly assumptions about adoption and childcare were ciriqued in Gay & Lesbian Humanist magazine in the Winter 2002-2003 edition in an article "The Big Christian Lie"

So, keep an eye out for some more unmitigated bigotry from the Catholic Church in the Sunday papers.

Of course, the stupidity and prejudice of the Cardinal shows through because the adoption laws were reformed in England and Wales two years ago, despite desperate opposition from The Christian Institute and the Catholic Church in England. None of the dark predictions they made has come true, so why should Scotland be any different?

It is clear that, no matter what the facts, the Catholic Church will demonstrate a knee-jerk opposition to any reforms that benefit lesbian and gay people. A hundred years from now, after all logic, science and reason has proven them wrong, they’ll still be peddling the same line. That’s “faith” for you!


UPDATE: The report in the Sunday Times is out.

UPDATE: The Times today (Monday, Sep 5) writes: Cardinal accused of inciting prejudice over gay adoption. Our guess is that this wasn't the reaction he was hoping for. Still, I guess, he can play the martyr, steel his jaw, and pontificate about 'his lonely thankless vigil, standing up against the tide of degeneracy and perversion sweeping society. Bah humbug.'


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